Light Dinner Recipes


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The key to weight loss and weight maintenance is this: have a large breakfast, a modest lunch, and a light dinner. So if you want to improve your sleep and keep your weight under control, here are some light dinner recipes we recommend.

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5 Grilled Recipes for an Unconventional BBQ


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​Beef-Kebab-Couscous - 2

The month of BBQ is upon us! It’s rare for a couple weeks to go by without gathering everyone you know and firing up the grill. But this time, instead of sticking with the classic meat and chicken shish, go a little wild with your recipes.

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Top 5 Timeless Party Foods


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party foods

Anytime you have some friends over for dinner or a party, it’s bound to be a good time. But, as you probably know, your guests will be talking about the food when they leave. That’s why we’ve rounded up our top 5 timeless party foods that will leave your guests talking for long after the party is over.

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Staying Healthy With Portion Control


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portion control

We all know that a healthy outside starts from the inside, but how can we reach it? Along with eating low fat, low cal foods, the essence of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is portion control. Not only is being healthy good for your body, it’s also good for your mental wellbeing. That’s why we’re going […]

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6 Best Cold Desserts Just in Time for Ramadan


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ramadan desserts

One of our favorite things about Iftar is finally getting to have Kellaj Ramadan, and it’s oh so satisfying to indulge in it after a year of yearning. But there are plenty of other desserts that cannot be missed, too. And in this heat, a cold, refreshing dessert is always a welcome change. If you […]

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5 Ingredients You Need to Add to Your Salad Dressing


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Lemon oil, vinaigrette, and balsamic. We often grow so tired of these words that we enter a salad dressing rut, which can really put us off salads. So if you want to rediscover your passion for greens, read on!

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