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A Week Of Lebanese Breakfasts

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A-Week-Of-Lebanese-BreakfastsWondering what to have for breakfast each day? It is the most important meal of the day and you are lucky because Lebanese cuisine offers different choices. So we, at Al Wadi Al Akhdar, will give you some ideas for Lebanese breakfast meals. The key is to vary as much as possible during the week.

Start the week with the healthiest choice for breakfast. We all love that Lebanese spread called Labneh. It’s appetizing and healthy at the same time; all you have to do is drizzle over some olive oil. You can eat it with any type of bread but if you want to go Lebanese all the way then pita bread will be perfect. Don’t forget to prepare a side platter of vegetables and your choice of olives: green, black or our personal favorite olives with thyme.

Foul Mudammas with Balila is one of the most famous Lebanese breakfasts. It is also very filling. Foul Mudammas is the Lebanese word for broad beans while Balila is made of chickpeas. Don’t worry this breakfast is really easy to make. Just open a can of Al Wadi Al Akhdar broad beans and add garlic, salt, pepper, lemon and olive oil. Do the same for the chickpeas and add parsley to the broad beans. If you want them already mixed together, just open a can of Foul Mudammas With Chickpeas. There is also a ready-to-eat substitute: the Foul Mudammas (Lebanese style).

Over the years, Lebanese have introduced a various amount of cheeses from different cultures into their tradition, and incorporated it into their recipes. So you can either have them in a sandwich or with a selection of vegetables and olives. Cheese is also the base for one of Lebanon’s most delicious breakfasts, the famous Kunafe. You can either have it in the bun called Kaakeh by the Lebanese or in a plate. To make it perfect, just drizzle that delicious sugar syrup made of Orange Blossom Water or Rose Water.

Indulge in a sweet breakfast on Thursday. You can try the delicious Halawa spread with pita bread. It is a mix of tahini, sugar and halawa extract, flavored with vanilla and other aromatic essences. You have different choices to choose from: plain, pistachio, chocolate or diet. Another choice to go for is the Dibis Bi Tahina, consumed as a dip with Lebanese bread. Just mix together tahini with carob molasses for a delicious taste.

Treat yourself to what some call the Lebanese pizza, usually eaten during breakfast. We advise you to make them yourself at home. The most popular choices are thyme, cheese or both. Just remember to keep your portion small. For the Manakish Bi Zaatar, prepare the dough and spread it with either thyme mixed with olive oil or if you prefer cheese more, spread your favorite cheese or both and put them in the oven. Serve them with a mix of fresh vegetables and olives. And if you are fan of meat, there are also the delicious Lamb Sfeeha, the Lebanse version of meat pie.

Sahlab is a traditional Lebanese hot beverage-dessert also consumed by many people as a breakfast. You can prepare it with Al Wadi Al Akhdar’s instant Sahlab. Just sprinkle over some cinnamon powder and serve with your favorite choice of plain biscuits, also known as Kaak. Simply delicious!

Every country has its own way of eating eggs for breakfast; we Lebanese have our own alternative: eggs with awarma. It is a rather heavy meal so consume it as a Sunday treat. Awarma is a lamb confit meaning it is simply lamb meat conserved in lamb fat. Our grandparents use to make big jars of it in order to preserve it throughout the year. Another way to have eggs the Lebanese way is to make it sunny side up and sprinkle it with sumac for a more sour taste.

Those were our recommendations for a full week of Lebanese breakfast. Tell us which was your favorite? Share your comments below.

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