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Special occasions call for special dishes

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Special-occasionsEvery family is different, but we can all agree on one thing: the importance of a big gathering on special occasions. No matter how distant you are from your relatives, you can’t miss out on big occasions when you know you’ll be making great memories and, of course, having amazing food. Celebrations always call for exceptional food, so if it’s your turn to host your family or friends, take a look at some of the dishes that can leave a mark on your guests.

One of the things we are most thankful about is the customary main dish on this day – the stuffed turkey!
While the traditional turkey recipe is delicious, you can add a twist to it this year by using Al Wadi Al Akhdar pomegranate molasses to glaze the turkey!

While food isn’t the most important part of Ramadan, the daily iftar is always highly anticipated. The whole family is often reunited, so a large meal is what you need. That’s why an ideal dish for such a gathering is Saudi Arabia’s most famous dish, the Gulf Kabsa.

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve is a very special night for families, so this year, we suggest you try this family favorite dish: the chicken biryani. Because it’s so full of flavor, it’ll make your Christmas even warmer!

Easter lunch comes after a long period of fasting, so the usual dishes served are ones which include turkey, chicken, and lamb, such as an oriental chicken and rice dish, stuffed greens, and lamb chops. If you would like to prepare something special this Easter, put a twist to the traditional dishes and go for a mouthwatering sayadieh dish.
Of course, maamoul is an essential part of this meal; but this year, instead of serving store-bought maamoul, how about whipping up a batch yourself?

We all want every occasion to be perfect, and with a little imagination you can accomplish that and manage to surprise your guests. Which dishes will you be preparing the next holiday season? Share your recipes with us.

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