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Mélissa B’s Organic & Healthy Recipes

On : April 24, 2017 | Category : Blog, Spotlight FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

Mélissa B, author of, has been using Al Wadi products to create recipes that will undoubtedly change the way you look at organic food! Not only are her dishes delicious, they look amazing, too. If you’re looking for some wholesome food inspiration from around the world, here are some of our favorite of her dishes.

Gluten-Free Tahini Banana Bread 
A vegan banana bread recipe so easy that you’ll never need another recipe again! Mélissa gets creative with the traditional banana bread, using almond powder, Al Wadi Al Akhdar tahini, and almond milk.Gluten-Free-Tahini-Banana-Bread

Fatayer-Style Spinach and Pomegranate Molasses Tartlets 
Enriched with a hint of Al Wadi Al Akhdar pomegranate molasses and perfect for gatherings, small and large, Mélissa’s tartlets are a surefire way to impress.Fatayer-Style-Spinach-and-Pomegranate-Molasses-Tartlets

Gluten-Free Tahini & Peanut Butter Sablés 
Yet another easy and exquisite recipe that you can prepare in under 30 minutes! One bite into these sablés will leave you satisfied and craving more, all at the same time.

Gluten-Free Tahini & Peanut Butter Sablés

There’s plenty more of Mélissa’s mouthwatering photos and unique recipes using Al Wadi Al Akhdar products on her Instagram account

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