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How to Make Your Dishes More Appealing

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It’s no secret that we eat with our eyes as well as with our mouths. If we see a beautifully garnished meal, we will devour it even if we’re not hungry. This is why we’re always tempted to eat in a restaurant instead of a homemade meal. But you don’t have to travel far to feast your eyes on an appealing dish – not anymore. With these pointers, you can turn your cooking from bland to grand. Whether you’re having friends over, cooking for the family, or preparing your own lunch, never make a boring dish again!

Table Setting

First things first, the dining table should be well organized; no one wants to eat in an unkempt setting! A neat table, with the plates, glasses, and utensils properly set, will draw the diners to the table.

As for the center of the table, find a way to strike the right balance between the different dishes that you’re serving so it looks filled, but not cluttered.

Plate Choice

Believe it or not, the plate is an important aspect of the presentation. It has to be the right size: big enough to make the food stand out, but small enough to make it look like a large portion.

The color of the plate can also add to a meal’s visual appeal. You don’t necessarily have to stick to white or beige dishes, which can get boring. Instead, harmonize your plates and food types, and choose plate colors that accentuate the food item you’re serving.

For example, a yellow dish highlights the colors in green salads and dishes such as the Asian mukimame salad and pesto pastas.

For chicken dishes and other pale foods, certainly do not use white plates! Black and brown plates can really bring life to lemon and garlic chicken with rosemary potatoes dish, a tagliatelle with Alfredo sauce, or a fish fillet with French fries and tartar sauce.

So, when should you use all that stock of white plates you have? When you’re serving beef and red dishes such as beef kebabs with orange couscous or any platter with red sauce, since red stands out on its own and would be difficult to pair.


Fruits and vegetables are often secondary in our meals. And it’s not only children, many adults avoid them as well to make more room for the main attraction – meat, chicken, or fish. So how do you make them more appealing? That’s right, slicing greens thoughtfully in a beautiful presentation will encourage everyone to get their share of vitamins!

It’s not only fruits and veggies that look more appetizing when sliced. When you’re preparing a beef fillet, slice it horizontally so the color on the inside is flagrant.

Coloring and Garnishing

This is the most important part of your preparation. Everyone is drawn to color and harmony, so make sure you add plenty of that to your meals. Spice up a simple grilled chicken breast by adding a three bean mix made of French beans, chickpeas, and mukimame to the dish to make it vibrant. Another colorful chicken recipe you can try is the braised chicken with pomegranate glaze and pomegranate seeds which give it beautiful contrast.

In addition to colors, get creative with garnishing with lemon shavings, orange slices, parsley, and so much more. Just make sure they complement the taste of the dish. And don’t underestimate the power of a drizzle of pomegranate glaze, olive oil, or even some honey; they can do wonders to a meal’s appeal!

You don’t have to be a professional chef to prepare excellent-looking food. All it takes is a pinch of patience, a spoonful of organization, and a dash of creativity! With these tips, the possibilities are endless, and all your dishes will look amazingly appealing! How do you make your food more attractive? We’d love to hear your tips in the comments.

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