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Weekly Meal Planner

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Weekly-Meal-PlannerMost of us have a hard time balancing an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. But no worries… we have the perfect solution for your busy schedule. So take the challenge, with the help of our Weekly Meal Planner blog post. It has the answers to help you gain time, save money and eat healthy without making your living more hectic.

What is it?

The Weekly Meal Planner is a calendar that helps you organize your menu throughout the week. By doing so, you will know beforehand what you’re going to prepare so the temptation of eating out will be significantly reduced. Plus you can set aside the ingredients before time, making the task of cooking easier for you. One of the advantages of this process is that you can buy everything in one grocery trip: less temptation and more efficiency. Now let’s get down to business.

Where should you start?

It all starts with the recipes. Brainstorming with your family helps a lot in finding out what to eat and in planning the weekly list. Also try setting up theme nights to spice up your meals and explore new tastes. Say you want Monday to be chicken night… all you’ll have left is to choose whether you prefer having Garlic and Lemon Chicken or Mango Chicken. Next step is making a list of all the ingredients you’ll need.  Now how about a little family outing? Make it fun. Take everyone shopping with you!


Had a good shopping trip? Now unpack, pre-chop and store the fresh ingredients. Cooking will become a real delight because everything will be ready when you need it. You can also save time and energy by choosing canned or frozen foods; they have all the taste and nutrients of their fresh equivalent but can last longer and require less preparation time.

Extra tips

  • Recipe binder: If you get your recipes online, just print them and keep them in a binder. When you need them, you’ll know where to find them.
  • Personal selection: Being healthy is important but allowing a bit of imagination in your meals is essential. Ask your family members and especially the kids, what they’d like to indulge in. Their faces will light up when they get to choose or even better make their favorite dessert or snack!
  • Plan for some extras: While planning ahead helps you control quantities and avoid massive amounts of leftovers, you might want to make some extra portions to store in the freezer and re-use later on. Who said you have to cook every single day?
  • Keep spices and condiments: These are elements you will use often and in various recipes so don’t hesitate to keep them in good stock.

And there you have it, The Weekly Planner for meals to keep your family satisfied all week long! If you have ever tried such a system we would love to  hear about it! Share your experience with us and help us plan our own meals!

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