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Sweeten your Life with Honey

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Cooking with honey is an adventure that allows us to discover a new world of enchanting flavors with each bite. The uses of this marvelous creation are infinite; and though its taste is sometimes discreet, it is irreplaceable. Contemporary chefs know this and they’ve been using honey in many of their dishes, from salad dressings to barbecues and delicious desserts, and it’s time for you to hop onto the bandwagon.

A few facts about honey
Aside from its exquisite taste, not many people know a lot about honey. So here are some tidbits that will come in handy when you’re cooking.

Honey is great in baking because it gives a delicious crispy coating and is great for keeping cakes and biscuits fresh and moist. It’s also sweeter than sugar; so much less is needed to achieve the same results with fewer calories.

If you’re stuck in the honey section at the supermarket and don’t know which variety to choose, it’s worth noting that the color shouldn’t affect your choice. But the darker the honey, the stronger the taste and the higher the antioxidant content.

Recipes with honey 
When it comes to honey, the list of possible recipes goes on and on, but here are a few suggestions that will spice up your dinner table.

No matter which salad you’re preparing, a bit of honey gives the dressing distinct texture and flavor. Have you ever tried our special quinoa falafel salad with avocado? Aside from its wealth of flavor, it’s even more enriched with that honey touch. If you’re looking for a lighter choice, a grilled halloumi salad excellently showcases the wonder of honey.

Main dishes
Care to add some sweetness to your meat or chicken? It couldn’t be easier. As soon as you take a whiff of the combination of honey and rosemary in a lemon and garlic chicken platter, you – and your guests – will be hooked.

We’ve already established the fact that honey is a welcomed addition to any salad, dish, or dessert. The trick is to find new recipes that will capture the attention, so we’re going to help you do that. The next time you’re craving a heavenly dessert, try the ricotta cake with kadaif pastry and honey. With its Mediterranean touch, this recipe delights the taste buds.

As a natural substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners, honey is adored worldwide. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to use in your next dish, whatever it may be, but do share your recipe with us in the comments!

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