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Summer Thirst Quenchers

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Summer-Thirst-QuenchersSummer has been knocking on our doors, bringing with it our cravings for cold drinks. Of course drinking healthy is necessary, and what better way to do it than some fresh homemade juices? These beverages are perfect for you and your children, are loaded with essential nutrients, and vary in thickness due to the fibers that are in the fruits. However, it is easy to adjust the density of your drink by adding a bit of sparkling water, so that it suits your taste.
So cool down and enjoy this recipe list of simple nutritious juices that you can prepare at home and store in the cooler to drink later.

1.    Lemon Lime Ginger Ale
For a refreshing and stern boost of Vitamin C, the Lemon Lime Ginger Ale is the drink to have.

•    1 apple (sliced)
•    ½ inch of fresh ginger
•    ½ lime
•    ¼ lemon
•    Handful of grapes
•    Sparkling mineral water

Directions: Squash the apple and ginger together, and then blend with the rest of the fruits. Pour the juice in a large pitcher, and fill in to the top with sparkling water. Serve with ice.

2.    Apple Kiwi Juice
Apples and kiwis are known to be full of nutrients such as fiber, Vitamin C and antioxidants. This fruit combination can be consumed on a daily basis, as it is highly refreshing and healthy.

•    2 apples
•    3 kiwis
•    1 cup of sparkling water
Directions: Take your apples, remove the core, and cut them into slices. Peel the kiwis and chop them into small portions. Pitch the ingredients into a juicer and add a cup of sparkling water. Stir before drinking and enhance your glass with a slice of Pineapple from Al Wadi Al Akhdar’s canned fruits.

3.    Peach, Apple and Apricot Juice
Not only are they in season… these tasty fruits make a wonderful combination, they are healthy and perfect for your little ones. The apricots add a new-sparked flavor to your juice, which you will not find in any off-the-shelf beverages.

•    2 peaches
•    2 apricots
•    2 apples
Directions: Cut each fruit in half and discard the pits, core and seeds. Slice the fruits into small pieces and put them in the juicer. Once done, add a little bit of cold water, stir, and enjoy!

4.    Berry Blast
Berries are some of the yummiest fruits you can find. Rich in antioxidants, they are essential to maintaining a vibrant health. The Berry Blast is one of the sweetest and fruitiest recipes you can find.

•    200g strawberries
•    250g red grapes
•    150g pitted red cherries
Directions: Cut up the strawberries into chunks and toss them in the juicer with the red grapes and cherries. Pour the fluid into a glass of ice and experience the juicy taste! For decoration, split a few of Al Wadi Al Akhdar Sour Cherries and stick them on the border of the glass.

5.    Pineapple Mint
Pineapples and mint are a shocking combination but we guarantee you… the taste is pretty exceptional!

•    3 sprigs of mint
•    1 can of Al Wadi Al Akhdar Pineapple
•    Handful of ice
Directions: Squash the mint first then add the chopped pineapple into the juicer. Pour ice into the blender, and relish the exquisite combination!

For lots of other refreshing ideas check our Beverages Recipes section!

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