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Healthy Freezer Meals for Busy Moms

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Braised Chicken with Pomegranate MolassesIf you’re a mom, you deserve a standing ovation. Even though it’s become a common lifestyle for many women around the world, juggling a job, housework, and family life is no easy feat. Since your family is top priority, housework is often left behind, especially when it comes to food. It’s exhausting to come home every day to find that you still have to cook; that’s why we suggest a simpler solution: prepare your meals ahead of time and put them in the freezer! Check out these healthy freezer meals that will make your life a whole lot more organized.

Literally meaning “mixed” in Lebanese, the name Makhlouta couldn’t be more accurate! This vegetarian Middle Eastern dish contains 5 to 6 kinds of beans and lentils, making it a complete meal rich with a selection of grains and pulses that are healthy and will provide your kids with essential fibers, carbs, and proteins.

Daoud Basha
It isn’t hard to get your kids excited over a meatball dish; that’s why they will love this Lebanese specialty. Like many Lebanese foods, Daoud Basha is full of complex and enticing flavors, but isn’t very complicated to prepare. Bonus: it’s a great way to encourage your kids to eat their proteins. If you want to change up the recipe a bit, you can replace the rice with spaghetti!

Braised Chicken with Pomegranate Glaze
Give your family the essential amount of protein they need, wrapped in a delicious chicken recipe. There are many great chicken recipes that are good to freeze, but with a sweet pomegranate finish, this dish truly stands out and will quickly become a favorite for the entire family.

As you already know, including fish in your weekly menu is crucial, especially for your kids’ health and growth. The Lebanese sayadieh is a distinctly rich fish platter, offering important nutrition disguised in an excellent taste! Serve it with tarator sauce made with the delicious Al Wadi Al Akhdar tahini for a refreshing flavor that the kids will love.

Okra Stew with Rice
Another filling, healthy homemade dish that you can freeze is the okra stew. With Al Wadi Al Akhdar frozen okra, you don’t have to go through the trouble of dicing the vegetable, saving you plenty of prep time. For a nutritious vegetarian variety, exclude the meat cubes from the recipe.

Desserts and snacks don’t always have to be store-bought. Prepare your kids’ favorite sponge cake, orange blossom tahini cookies, or even a special almond cake with orange marmalade spread beforehand. Slice and wrap each piece alone and freeze. Whenever you want to treat your kids, just pick a piece out of the freezer, let it defrost and voilà!

Although your lifestyle may be hectic, there are always ways to make it easier and more fun. So try out these suggestions and let us know what you think! What’s for dinner tonight?

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