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Quick Meals For Busy Moms

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Quick-Meals-for-Busy-MomsNowadays, many moms are very busy with work. On top of that, they also need to take care of their kids, which is often a job in itself!

Perhaps the number one issue when it comes to kids is what to feed them during the day, especially when you don’t have time to prepare elaborate meals with several ingredients! To save the average mom some time and trouble, we’ve compiled some quick and easy meal ideas for the day that we’re sure you and your kids will enjoy!


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it provides energy and helps improve brain function. That’s why it’s vital that your kids have a filling meal before heading off to school.

Spread some jam on a piece of toast or Arabic bread. It’s a quick, easy, and tasty breakfast option! You can even add a bit of butter in the sandwich, which complements the jam. A cool glass of protein-filled milk can also be a great balance to this delicious meal.

Snack during the day:

It’s always a good idea for your kids to take a small, insulated lunchbox to school. They’ll definitely need a snack during breaks, especially if the school doesn’t provide the proper food. Why not make small sandwiches filled with sliced Emmental cheese?


When school time is over, your children will probably be hungry following a day of activities and concentrating. If you don’t have the time to cook elaborate dishes, we suggest you prepare some traditionally Middle Eastern Falafel from our Gourmet line. You can also add some Hummus or Tarator dip on the side!


Since bedtime will be just around the corner, it’s better that your kids eat something light for dinner! For an easy and quick meal to prepare at night, try our Fine Peas And Baby Carrots. Peas are a great source of vitamin C, while carrots contain vitamin A and Potassium. Enhance your meal by serving some rice on the side!

And there you go! You’ve got yourself a day’s worth of fast and easy-to-prepare meals that we’re sure your kids will enjoy. Now tell us… what are some quick meals that you prepare when you’re in a hurry?

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