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Mom Sweet Mom

On : April 28, 2013 | Category : Blog, Holiday Specials, Miscellaneous FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


Who’s the first person that fed you as a child?

Who cooked your first meal?

Who taught you how to eat?

Most probably, the unanimous answer is: “My Mother”.

So… with the aim to always offer new and fun activities to our loyal consumers, we developed a four-week online activity that ended on the 21st of March 2013.

The activity was named “Mom Sweet Mom” and it took place on the Al Wadi Al Akhdar Facebook Page. Participants had to create a personalized greeting card for their mother by which they’ll enter a draw for a chance to win valuable Mother’s Day prizes. The draw was held on Mother’s Day where ten winners were announced. The winners were: Samar Abou Samra, Carole Kehdi, Marianne Nahas, Serine Habbal Hakwik, Zalfa G. Frenn, Lina Daher Yamak, Nadine Georges Abdallah, Rola Succar, Brahim Banna and Charbel Saade.

We thank everyone who participated in this contest and we hope it brought a smile on your mothers’ faces!

Check out the Photo Gallery for more pictures!

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