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How to pair your dishes with the right sauce

On : November 9, 2015 | Category : Blog, Cooking Tips FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites


Whether you are hosting a party or inviting some friends over for dinner, it is essential to know what kind of sauce you can use or prepare to pair with the appetizers or main dishes you are planning to serve. In the end, nothing beats a good rich sauce to flavor up your meat, chicken or seafood platters.

Red Meat
Other than the rich and tangy Barbecue sauce that is perfect for grilling pork ribs and pork chops, many sauces work well with steak. One of them is the classic Mushroom Sauce which is a favorite among steak lovers, prepared with butter, brown onions, sliced mushrooms, white wine and pure cream. You can also pour this mouthwatering sauce over some mashed potatoes. If you want a more spicy taste, the ‘Mushroom au poivre’ sauce is made of black pepper in addition to red wine, shallots, cream and mushrooms. Another fan favorite is the Curry Sauce that gets its spicy flavor from the curry powder and its smoothness from the rich coconut milk while butter adds texture to it. It is also a very versatile sauce that can be added to chicken, fish and vegetables.

Chicken dishes are very adaptable and they are ideal to cook at home because they take less time to prepare. As appetizers, chicken strips can be served either with Honey Mustard sauce or Garlic sauce, both of which are also perfect for chicken sandwiches. There are people who are also big fans of chicken wings and would enjoy this Sweet Pepper Sauce, especially with breaded and fried chicken wings. As for those who favor more traditional flavors, the Coriander and Garlic mix will definitely suit them better. If you are looking to prepare a main dish with chicken, we recommend trying the Rosemary Garlic Cream Sauce with its rich flavor given by the roasted garlic and rosemary, and its velvety texture created by the fresh cream.

Whether you like to eat fried or grilled fish, no sauce will ever compete with Tartar. The sauce is easy to prepare at home by combining Tahini and lemon juice, but you can also stock up on Al Wadi Al Akhdar squeezable Tartar Sauce that is even greater with fish fingers, calamari rings and fish burgers. For a more lemony taste, you can use the Lemon Tartar Sauce instead. If you are inviting some guests over and like French cuisine, then nothing beats serving fish fillet with a creamy Spinach Velouté that combines unsalted butter, onions, spinach, cream and black pepper. As an appetizer, have some cooked or grilled shrimps with raw vegetables like carrots, cauliflowers and cucumbers to dip in a bowl of Cocktail Sauce.

Did you like our sauce suggestions to try with your meat, poultry and seafood dishes? We are waiting for your comments on the best sauces you tried so far.

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